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2019/12: First total-body dynamic PET scan of a cancer patient completed

On December 18th, we completed a total-body one-hour dynamic F18-FDG PET scan of a cancer patient using the EXPLORER scanner. The subject is the first one recruited for our clinical trial on parametric PET for anti-cancer targeted therapy and immunotherapy. The scan provided visualization of total-body spatiotemporal distribution of F18-FDG in a patient with metastatic… Read More »

2019/10: New postdoctoral scholar Siqi Li joining the lab

Dr. Siqi Li is joining the lab to work on PET/CT image reconstruction and analysis, starting on November 1st. Dr. Li obtained his PhD degree in Software Engineering from Northeastern University, Shenyang, China in July 2019. He has good background in mathematics and prior experience in PET/CT image processing and machine learning. We are looking… Read More »

2019/09: Mini-Workshop on EXPLORER Kinetic Modeling

We organized a Mini-Workshop on EXPLORER Kinetic Modeling on September 17th when Dr. Roger Gunn was visiting the EXPLORER Center. The mini-workshop consists of a tutorial on PET kinetic modeling and several scientific talks on the recent progresses in total-body kinetic modeling and parametric imaging. Big thanks to all the speakers!

2019/07: Undergraduate Chelsea joins the lab

Chelsea Hong, an undergraduate in Biomedical Engineering joins the lab to explore her interests in medical imaging research. She will be working closely with Dr. Yang Zuo on tracer kinetic modeling of dynamic PET data.

2019/04: Jesse presented at UC Davis Undergraduate Research Symposium

Jesse Ahlquist, an undergraduate student researcher in our group, presented his work on deep-learning low-dose liver CT imaging at the 30th UC Davis Annual Undergraduate Research, Scholarship & Creative Activities Conference. His study uses convolutional neural networks as a tool to investigate low-dose CT for fat quantification. Jesse’s effort on liver CT is synergistic with our… Read More »

2019/04: New graduate student

Yiran Wang, a graduate student of the Biomedical Engineering Graduate Group, joins the lab to work on total-body parametric imaging with EXPLORER. He will be jointly supervised by Dr. Guobao Wang and Dr. Simon Cherry.

2019/03: SNMMI acceptance on kinetic modeling works

We have two conference submissions on PET kinetic modeling methodologies accepted by the 2019 Annual Meeting of SNMMI, both for oral presentation.  Elizabeth Li, a graduate student of Biomedical Engineering who is jointly supervised by Drs. Simon Cherry and Guobao Wang, will present her work on total-body PET kinetic modeling: Li E, Cherry SR, TarantalAF… Read More »

2019/02: NIH Trailblazer R21 award

Guobao receives a NIH/NIBIB Trailblazer Award (R21). We will explore and develop the feasibility and potential of a novel PET-enabled dual-energy spectral CT method. Success of this research will add spectral CT imaging as a new dimension of information to clinical PET/CT without increasing imaging cost, time, and radiation dose.