PET-enabled Spectral CT

Spectral computed tomography (CT) imaging employs two or more different energies to obtain energy-differential attenuation information of tissue properties. It allows quantitative characterization of tissue composition by material basis decomposition, which cannot be easily achieved by a PET scan. Thus, PET and spectral CT may complement each other to enable a new multiparametric imaging solution for more accurate disease diagnosis and characterization. However, integration of spectral CT with PET would require either costly scanner hardware upgrade or significant modifications of imaging protocols to allow two X-ray CT scans, which is associated with increased radiation dose and scan cost.

Different from standard spectral CT methods which are based on x-rays, we propose a spectral CT imaging methodology based on time-of-flight PET/CT by combining x-ray and γ-ray data (Fig. 1; Wang, PMB 2020). This new method does not require a change of PET/CT scanner hardware or add additional radiation dose except a standard time-of-flight PET/CT scan that is already available on most modern PET/CT scanners. We develop enabling algorithms using the kernel method with or without convolutional neural networks (Li & Wang, PTRSA 2021; Wang, PMB 2020) to reconstruct high-energy “γ-ray CT” attenuation images from the PET/CT scans, which then are combined with the x-ray CT image (low-energy: ≤140 keV) to produce a pair of dual-energy CT images for spectral imaging.

This project is supported in part by NIH R21EB027346.

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